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This is something that I'll have to do by myself.
Aqua wanted strongly to come along,
but the terrain just would not permit it.

So with nothing but what I could carry,
with only a stick and my bolo,
I put my life entirely into some stranger's hands.

Or lack of hands, as the case may be.

If I'm going to die out here,
I was prepared to take a couple of birds down with me.


I trundle into the dim jungle canopy
and call out "Eeeey-yo?"

The HARPY PRINCE jumps out from the undergrowth
crashing in front of me with his wide wings outretched.
I don't even flinch nor reach for a weapon.
His smug face pinches even more in satisfaction.

"Eeee-yo," he replies in actually pleasant baritone.

I stare back at him with narrowed eyes.
As if I didn't have enough reasons to dislike you,
you handsome winner at life.
With my tinny voice I shout back "Yo-de-le eeey yo!"

"Yo-de-le eeeey yooo!" he echoes back.

"Ey yoh!"

"Ey yoh!"

Then, almost screaming "EEEEEEEEY YOH!"

holding the high note clearer and for much longer.


I sigh and slump in defeat. 

He titters at my reaction, putting a wing over his mouth
like some pampered young lady.

"Whatever man, just take me to your leader."

"(I lead,)" he says.
"(Elders call. You follow.)"


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Last update on December 25, 9:57 pm by Carlo Marco.
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