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So bit by bit we tromp up the jungle
and up the mountains,
the HARPY PRINCE walking ahead of me.
His taloned feet are clearly having difficulty.

"It's fine to move on ahead,
just let me know by sound how to follow you
if it's more comfortable to sit on the trees."

"(No, this is fine.
"(You follow, I stay in sight,
"(We accept you as guest, land child
"(So this my respect, we both two legs.)"

All right. I can respect that,

I asked him if they lived here all the time,
 and he responded that this island was a holy site,
a post in their migration routes.

He told me that their village was a semi-permanent settlement,
and "(We know to build with ropes, you know?
"(Houses made of bricks only for land child.)"

 So know you what bricks are.
That adds even more fuel to my theory.


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Last update on December 26, 5:52 pm by Carlo Marco.
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