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The mermaids have nomadic tribes.
The harpies have the beginning of a civilization.
Um. Well. This is good civilization.

One of the harpy girls suddenly lands on a branch nearby
and excitedly cries down
"(Brother! You back!
"(This the two-legs? Woo!)"

"(How strange looking!)"
speaks another harpy girl,
giggling into her wings.

"(Why you so sloooow?)"
the HARPY PRINCESS chirps out at me.

"(Talk later, Chiri)," the HARPY PRINCE says
"(This way, this way - ELDERS want talk again)."

"So, hang on...
did you meet someone like me.."
Uhh... minus 1944... seventy-five years?
"I dunno, three, maybe four generations ago?"

"(Was father of father of my father, is true.)"

Wait that just raises more questions!



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Last update on December 28, 12:14 am by Carlo Marco.
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