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"Is this fine though?") 

"(It is what the Ancestor wanted.)"

But as soon as I backed out of the tent,
someone lands on the platform nearby
and shouted "(I OBJECT!)"

It is a large, muscular harpy mail
with features more like an owl than a raptor,
and he glowers at me and the Elders.

The HARPY PRINCE flies down to behind me
and asks "(What your problem Surik?)"

"(Why should we give Ancestor's legacy to him?
He not worthy! Keep legacy for Harpy peoples!")

"(The promise is the promise!
You want to betray Ancestor?)"

"(A chief that gives away treasure of the harpy people
you betrayer the first!")

"(You want challenge me? Come on!)"

Both harpy males begin hopping on one feet
brandishing their talons,
like the Karate Kid Crane Stance.
It would be silly with their chirping and hissing,
if it wasn't so clear they were ready to kill each other.

If being worthy to receive the legacy is the problem

Then let him prove worthy of it.)"

So we're going to be Lara Crofting all over things now?
Fiiine. Tell me your tests.

"(Let him fight you instead.)"

Wait no what is this Trial by Combat bullshit~!



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Last update on February 1, 11:32 am by Carlo Marco.
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