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Is 2.5% monthly interest investment too good to be true?

Greg Gibson said...
The interest rate appear to be very high compared to that which we can get from banking type institutions. However their ability to pay such amounts would be proportional to their ability to earn as such what are their lending rates? With this information you may be able to gauge sustainability and virtue of that which is on offer.

Oh! Very good points. I'll be talking to them directly and getting their handbook soon. From what I was told, they own a bunch of farmland.

As to the concept of your small business ... as one that has always promoted and tried to assist small business I applaud your entrepreneurial thinking. Possibly you should be looking for a venture capital fancier, someone who can assist you fund the project and offer support yet someone who you can payout over time or simply take a share of the profits... this may be worth exploring.

Wishing you the best of luck..

Thanks for the advice!

I already have a somewhat credible idea of how much this sort of venture could cost from an equipment and logistics standpoint. A simple food stand isn't very pricey. But I have no idea of the rest of managing a business - drafting a business plan, pricing research, business registration, finding a location, employee hiring and management, social security, accounting, the day to day affairs, etc., etc. ... 

When I said it was scary to me, I meant it.

So technically I would be much happier being said venture capital financier. Wink


Or working with my hands building franchise kiosks, signage, and sourcing the equipment. Unfortunately a franchise still needs one proof of concept.


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