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Is 2.5% monthly interest investment too good to be true?

Okay, so I managed to get the handbook for the Cooperative.

Warning: following scans will be large.

I'll translate these later.

For now, it seems legit. Turns out the 2.5% may be rolling capital investment that you can't withdraw unless you decide to stop being a member. Which... is fair, I suppose. Not sure about their time deposit rates, but will be attending a seminar and an interview for more details later.

They have enough physical assets that I'm less afraid of the manager just yoinking the money and faffing off to Indonesia with millions or something. So all that interest income comes from loans and shares. They even have a yearly dividend.

Not really sure how this differs from owning stock, but hey. I'm financially illiterate and now trying to educate myself all the different options. Smile

Last update on February 12, 9:28 am by Carlo Marco.
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