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I raise my hand up in objection.
"Wait, I don't know who your great ancestor is.
"Why would I even care about getting his legacy?"


The Elders respond, their voices weaving in and out
completing each other's sentences-

"Where else you find metal, hmm?
"You two-legs, five-finger hands...
"You cut and destroy and change the world to fit you
"the way of {humans}
"We know it hurts you when you don't build."

"We sky-people, no fear we the sea-people.
"You want your seagirl saved?
"We fight for you no more without payment."

Uggh. Air power is such a massive force multiplier.
To get a defensive alliance was the whole reason
I dared to come here alone.


Which is how I now find myself
fighting for my life in a forest clearing
against someone who had all the advantages.

The Harpy Captain sneers and spits down at me
as he flaps and circles overhead,
his talons out and ready to eviscerate.


A true bird of prey.

I was a scared little mouse.


But this mouse has fangs of its own. 


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Last update on March 29, 3:13 am by Carlo Marco.
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