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The Harpy Captain shrieks and plunges down at me,
and I stab upwards with my spear.
His powerful talons slap aside the point
and snaps the shaft in half.

With powerful flaps he takes flight again,
half of the broken spear in his talons,
and gives me a haughty sneer.
There is no mercy in his eyes.


Unlike fishlike Mermen, Harpies have actual civilization.
They know how to make and use rope for construction.
He knows what it takes to lasso down someone,
so he can actively avoid that.

If I'm going to bring him down,
there has to be a way...

No, wait.

Those killing talons -
This is going to take some dangerous timing.

"Come on then!" I shout up at him.
"I'm not going to run.
"Here I'll make my stand!"

From the tumult of my memories explode
that bombastic song.


- Heere we are~
- Born to be kings,
- We're the princes of the universe.

- Here we belong
- Fighting to survive
- In a world with the darkest powers...!



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Last update on March 29, 3:16 am by Carlo Marco.
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