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I remember it perfectly.
Of course I can.
Well almost.
The words aren't so clear, but the feelings they convey...

The unmistakably clear and powerful
and unforgettable sound
of Freddy Mercury
resounds through the clearing.


In the distance, it's almost like I can hear
Aqua pumping her fist in triumph
going "Aww yisss!"

Everyone staggers, as if suddenly gut-punched.

- I am immortal
- I have in me the blood of kings
- I have no rival
- No man can be my equal

("No! No! I don't accept this!")
the Harpy Captain screeches.
("I am the strong one!
("I fight, I kill, I proved my power long ago!
("I don't accept that you're better than me!")

He dives at me, and I roll out of the way.

He flinches as the words

- Born to be free
- Princes of the universe
- Fighting and free

Seems to slam into him,
giving me enough time to loop
the weighed end of a rope around his feet.

The Harpy Captain flaps his wings
and goes to gain ground again,
with a haughty sneer.
("You don't deserve it,
("Weakling, thief!")


Aqua's breathing ability,
the mermaids' song,
how music can accelerate the growth of plants
how harpies can fly despite their halfway body...
It's not just biology that allows it.
Call it magic. Call it psychic power.
But there's something super-natural going on here.

The Harpy Captain flaps hard, jumping to the sky,
trusting that he could carry me aloft,
because harpies have improbable lifting power.

- Got your world in my hand
- I'm here for your love 
- and here I make my stand

But I don't budge.
I dig my heels in and lean back,
pulling the rope taut.


That power.
That energy.
That brave example to light the way.
The collective might of human culture and the yearnings of our souls.


I'm borrowing it.

Magic happens.


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Last update on January 5, 4:10 am by Carlo Marco.
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