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Long before the Spaniards conquered the isles, long before even the Chinese or Malays set foot on their shores, the ancient tribes of the Philippines believed in the temporally displaced afterlife known as Gimokudan. No sins were judged in Gimokudan; instead, the mortal life was just the first phase of existence, and it is in Gimokudan that people lived their true lives, until the time they must return into the cycle of rebirth.

What if this myth was still true? A mysterious place adjunct to the living world holds all these souls until the moment the world must end, it takes them all and forces them to come to grips with what they think is most important. Here: a young man raised in the cynical modern age, dies and find himself in the strange otherworld of Gimokudan, where the dead live truly, and the monsters and magics of the most ancient tales still survive.

The dead are by default immortal, but there are greater struggles that yet await those who are given the chance to start over.

Life in Gimokudan is often strange, and sometimes terrifying, but most of all - it is a whole new adventure!


Updates every Tuesday.


[Table of Contents]

Chapter 001
Chapter 002
Chapter 003


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