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The Gourmet Food Club has been formed to promote discussions on all aspects associated with Gourmet food lines and in particular great Artisan Cheese and Cheese related matters.

An all-encompassing group with discussions on the full range of aspects related to Gourmet Food related matters with particular reference to Cheese related matters. The Cheese focus will include subject ranging from, how to make it, how to store and care for cheese, events about centered on cheese, how to incorporate cheese into recipes and the health benefits of cheese.

If you love great food then this may well be the right page for you.

How to use this Group Page

Please post all separate topics as separate forum threads. This will allow members to contribute to each thread. Any comments made on the Group’s home page will be move to the forums and deleted so as to better facilitate discussion.

Tone of comments

We welcome all positive intended posts including positive criticism. Please re-frame from making posts that are critical of individuals, critical of particular sites or that are abusive. Such posts will be edited or deleted and the member may be sanctioned so please be “professional” in your posts.