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Independent News on NewTr
If you have any doubt of the ability of large internet companies to distort news or history then consider a recent "mistake" made by Google.

In a mysterious case, photos of Winston Churchill stopped...
  and  like this.
Richard Allen
We also distort the teaching of history in our schools. I doubt whether any school teaches anything of the more dubious parts of Churchill's long career. As someone who took a degree in history, I'm frequently appalled at the 2-dimensional pictures which are given of many historical figures, general...
Independent News on NewTr
For Hong Kong, 'The Worst Is Yet to Come'

As China considers a massively controversial security law for Hong Kong—and as more protests are expected in response—Minxin Pei predicts in a Project Syndicat...
Greg Gibson is online.
Police fired pepper-spray bullets into lunchtime crowds as people shouted slogans. As Hong Kong residents railed against controversial legislation aimed at bringing the territory further under Beijing’s control, police arrested at least 360 people during day-long protests and skirmishes across the c...
Independent News on NewTr
Recognized experts over time... sad but true... with the corruption of corporate median and the personalized algorithmic customization of news feeds on social media we all need to investigate and vali...
Independent News on NewTr
Taal Volcanoe in Tagaytay City, Ph erupted this evening (12th Jan 2020) at 6pm
Mohammed Dux Dukuly
The aims and objectives of the terrorist who carried out the terror attack on Christchurch has been defeated by the unity and love demonstrated in the open by the peace loving people of one of the mos...
Independent News on NewTr
The desire to control the media so as to use its ability to influence opinion and inspire a population into action is not new.

“Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pi...
Independent News on NewTr
Journalism Summarized
Independent News on NewTr
"Be careful not to spread fake news ... leave that to teh professionals"... the cartoon is possibly a little unfair to journalists and news organisations but it is becoming more difficult to find what...
Greg Gibson is online.
Thank you Carlo for your comments.

Firstly the term "fake news" may be an overused term by politicians who do not appreciate media outlets presenting news items in a different light to that which they would like such events portrayed however it is the recognition of biased news presentations. At its...
Greg Gibson is online.
As to your second point; you are correct "It's not the media's fault for reporting all that they knew at the time." but it is their fault if they deliberately exclude information that does not reinforce their position. Such omissions are only divulged by ethical independent editorial management. Th...
NTZ Admin (Staff Account) is online.
Independent News on NewTr
While the US President can unilaterally decide to share secrets, other nations who give such secrets are under no obligation to keep sharing their secret operations with America. Russia and Israel are...
Carlo Marco
This thing: rump-russia-espionage-foreign- allies-chilling-effect-1.41184 15
Greg Gibson is online.
Enjoying your political cartoon commentary Carlo ... thanks for sharing
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