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What is it?

It is an illustrated adventure story told from the first person POV. A Web Serial updated d̶a̶i̶l̶y̶ twice weekly (Mondays and Fridays). Only on NewTribeZ!

What is it about?

Think of it as something like Robinson Crusoe crossed with The Little Mermaid. It means A Mer(Sea) Story or A Mermaid Story.

Where is it?

The current 'page' is below. You can begin reading the story from here or clicking on the main picture above. Click on the Discussions or Main Index link to the left to access all posted segments. 

You could also really help out this author by making a small donation or purchase all of Book One as an ebook, in the Support box over at the right side of the screen. You might also support all my works on Patreon.


MERSTORY - updated biweekly | only on

The lead Harpy swoops past and its talons let go
of the thing it was dragging, and now freed of the weight
flaps his wings to ascend out of attack range.
With not even a parting look back,

The flat sheet tumbles and lands in front of me,
falling face-up.

I gasp and drop to my knees. 
Recognizing it instantly-

Metal -! Inconceivable...!
And even more so, I recognize that symbol...!
"How...? How is is this possible?!"

I try to reach out to touch the old metal,
only to cringe back, unable to dare the reality.

"Isso?" Aqua asks, placing a comforting hand on my back,
"You okay?
Why you crying?"

I recognize this particular shade of blue.
This roundel... is for the US NAVY.
Circa World War Two.

I raise my hands and scream out


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Update Notes:

Story now resumes at the Monday and Friday pace.

Also, MerStory has been accepted and is now listed at The Webfiction Guide! Please let us know what you think. 


Author's Plug:

I'm doing a thing. Another weird thing.

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Old Plugs:

So, I made a NTZ Exclusive Game Review of This War of Mine, a very socially-relevant indie game that lets you play it from the POV of those who really suffer most in war: the civilians.

Please check it out here.

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