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What is it?

It is an illustrated adventure story told from the first person POV. A Web Serial updated d̶a̶i̶l̶y̶ twice weekly (Mondays and Fridays). Only on NewTribeZ!

[/Array]What is it about?[/Array]

Think of it as something like Robinson Crusoe crossed with The Little Mermaid. It means A [/Array]Mer[/Array](Sea) Story or A Mermaid Story.

[/Array]Where is it?[/Array]

The current 'page' is below. You can begin reading the story from [/Array][/Array]here[/Array][/Array] or clicking on the main picture above. Click on the Discussions or Main Index link to the left to access all posted segments. 

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MERSTORY - updated weekly | only on



So this their Legacy, huh?


Okay. So it's a box.

A metal box. 

I guess without fingers, they'd have a hard time

trying to use a key to open a lock.



Though they could try to use their teeth maybe?


I bring out the box from inside their sacred tent

and out into the sun.

Only to get tackled by an excited harpy girl.


("You strong! I like you!"9 she chirps out.

("What's in the box! Tell me! Show me!")




Abruptly I am reminded that I had to invent *bras*

in this strange new world.


The HARPY PRINCE grabs her head 

with his batlike hooked finger-claws 

and pulls her up; 

harpies have great arm strength and strong necks.



She goes limp and docile like a kitten

and no less mischievous.


("I am sorry for my sister,") says the HARPY PRINCE

("You hold legacy, so you friend now to harpy tribe.


("Your enemies our enemies.

("Your pain our pain,

("Your blood our blood.


("Ask and we help, we fight and kill children of sea.")



Thank you. That's all I really wanted. 

Air power is such a cheat.


He smirks at me again.



("Two-legs rule this land. We give to you,

("I rule sky, you rule land. But only this land.

("We have more.")



Fiiine. I don't care about no island-hopping campaign anyway.



("Great Father have more legacy!") the HARPY PRINCESS adds

("Get more! Open more! Climb mountain, meet shining-bird!")


("Later,") the HARPY PRINCE states, his rule now unchallenged.



("This island holy land, we worship and then we leave,

("We stay a while for you. 

("We fight, then we go temple.")



If that's what it will take, 

then I'm fine with doing that later too.

I just hope it's not a temple with traps 

that will need me to tomb raider through.

  |  |  |  | 

[/Array]Update Notes:[/Array]

After a hiatus, MerStory is back at a week update schedule. On Mondays, but at least now there's three images per post instead of just one; much more like a comic strip.

Also, MerStory has been accepted and is now listed at [/Array][/Array]The Webfiction Guide[/Array][/Array]! Please let us know what you think. 


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