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Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 September 2015 2:44am
Buzz Hummer is a singer-songwriter living in Niagara, Canada

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Hippy's Lament Play Buy Love During Wartime
Profit For The Man Play Buy Love During Wartime

Location & Contact Info

Country: Canada
City: Niagara


Website: Visits 365
About: Buzz Hummer is a singer-songwriter living in Niagara, Canada
Buzz Hummer discovered music when the British invaded in the 60’s, and grew up in Toronto at a time when “Classic Rock” was still new and startling.

Roots, rock, Americana, blues, folk … call them influences. Call them goals. Call them labels. Buzz fondly remembers the psychedelic era when it was all just “music”, a time of discovery, a time of sharing. A time before we all retreated to boutique genres and personal playlists.

Sad but not surprised that the Woodstock Nation never fully formed, Buzz still believes in three chords and the truth.

Buzz lives in Niagara, Ontario, where he wonders if his fingers and his vocal chords will ever duplicate the sounds in his head.

Buzz would like to meet Tom Petty, and ask him how you absorb all of your favourite music, then play it back like it was something new.