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Last Updated on Sunday, 28 May 2017 11:42am

Clayton Mitchell

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Country: Australia
State / Province: Western Australia


About: Clayton Mitchell
Hello everyone, I just wanted to extend an invite to my YouTube page. This is something very important to me and I really believe it is something that can help people with a little daily randomness and also people who don't get to see it through charity fundraising and general public support.

We need atleast 100 subscribers in order to register a proper URL address so please head on over and be a part of this journey here: and click subscribe and like and comment on the videos :)

I am not a Pro You-Tuber I am learning, growing and doing it all to bring smiles to kids and adults suffering from Mental Illness, Cancer and people that may just need something to change their mood in a rough moment.

I use what I have, to do what I can, but i can only reach so many people, that's why we need you, if 20 people share and reach 200 people each that's 4000 people reached and even if only a small percent that listen and smile it's still worth it and helping grow the cause. It's all about expanding. We have a target to reach and without support we can't change lives.

If you watch it, like it, comment a song you'd love to hear me sing and smile too (or ruin), subscribe and stay involved as it grows with your help but most importantly we need to share the videos around, these videos aren't just for you and I they are for everyone and as a non profit organisation the only way is through support.

Share it everywhere! Share the smiles! Share the love! Tag in mates, invite everyone to the facebook group and be a #smilesaviour cause there is not difference without a little effort and this is a tiny share, that takes a second each day :)

Love yas and hope we as a team and world united can show that it's not all doom and gloom and that people actually give a shit, 'scuse my French xx