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Last Updated on Saturday, 29 April 2017 2:30am
BluesCountry Blues

Ken Dulin

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Location & Contact Info

Country: United States
State / Province: Pennsylvania
City: Lebanon


About: Ken Dulin
I spent my time playing every place I could on the West Coast. From small restaurants to 150,000 people concert. One of these concerts was Satsup Tin Cup Races in Olympia, Washington, then we came down and played Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California and then ended up in Hollywood in early 1971. I was the founder of the Johnathan Davis Group. I wrote all the songs and was the lead singer. I played in Hollywood in the 70's, was on KTTV, The Elliot Mence show, I played on KPFK Live after 12:00, I did a Griffith Park concert with El Chicano and played many living room concerts for the rich and famous I also played The Trubador and Filthy McNasty's. The Johnathan Davis Group was the only group ever to play live on KMET at that time. Recorded at Fat chance, Columbia Studio D and at their showcase, also recorded at Paramount Studios, where i met Frank Zappa and his family, Played these clubs outside The L.A. area, Finicans Rainbow, The In Crowd ,The Golden Bear are just a few of the clubs I played in. I have been on the same shows with Steve Miller Band, The Youngbloods, Bad Company, Big Foot, Little Feet, El Chicano, Ike and Tina Turner, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Linda Ronstadt, Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids, John Hammond, Country Joe and the Fish and many more that I can't recall. Gene Borges had my back- he was the owner of Sunset Transit Classic Cars down by The Hyatt House and he showed me the best of Hollywood. My best friend was Michael Todd, Elizabeth Taylors son. Mike was delivering gold for Howard Hughes. Mike introduced me to him and we were the ones who took Liz's fragrance White Diamonds to the manufacturer. I ended up selling a Rolls Royce to Wilt Chamberlain and I met Ricky Nelson and his two sons there on the car lot. I burned a fat one with Buddy Miles. It was the early '70's, what can I say, ya know? I met Cindy Lauper, we hung out for a day. I also met Davie Bowie, he just happened to stop by one of my groups, The Johnathan Davis Group, practice sessions at Gene's place. Everybody in Hollywood was wearing the platform shoes back then. I spent most of my time on the Sunset Strip at the car lot watching them all go by. To me, it was quite a freak show. I must have looked strange to them because that wasn't quite my style. After leaving Hollywood, I spent the next the next twenty years as a soloist, playing nothing but my original music, up and down the West Coast. I am just coming off a ten year break and getting back into putting my music out to the world via the internet. You can find one of my songs at I will be releasing them one at a time until I get the total of Ken Dulin's Greatest Hits finished. It will be a three CD set. I hope you like my tunes. Feel free to write me with any comments or conversation. And hello to all my fans, old and new.