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by Mikayla


by Mikayla


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"LOVE IS KILLING ME" isn't just about its catchy hooks and electrifying beats. The song carries a deeper message about the intoxicating and sometimes tumultuous nature of love. It's a theme that resonates with many and adds an emo
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Ambient/Electronic pop mix with lush vocals,shimmering piano and synths hihats that take you in and out of orbiting your subconscious mind on a blanket of blue hazy clouds.
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A lush mix of slow bass and Beats with sparkling synths and Uplfting Vocals by Dave Parsons Rivers / DJ Pcclubb.
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High Energy Moombah/ Reggaeton mix rich female latin vocals and lush Arps and synths and banging beats make this a Dope mix by Dave Parsons Rivers -DJ Pcclubb.
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Love song mix in that Spanish/latin flavour by Djpcclubb.
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