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Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 January 2017 12:20am
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Mikayla interview by Metal Female Voices Community Magazine from the Ukraine Ukraine, Maksat Kerimov, creator and administrator for Metal Female Voices Community Magazine, recently interviewed Mikayla for their publication. Maksat says that the magazines aim is to create a community of people who prefer rock female performers and have the desire to get closer to the singers and bands. Mikayla's interview starts on page 9; it is a question and answer format which also includes several pi...
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Album: Revolution

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Hey m/ikAngel's,

I am excited to share my new release "Revolution" with you (SEE LINKS AT
THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE TO LISTEN). This is music with a
with a conscious. Just so everyone knows, I am by no means advocating
violence...but it's definitely time for a change! To me, that's what the
message of Revolution is all about:'s time for Americans to
wake rise make a difference.

Our nation is in a downward spiral. We are losing more freedoms every day.
Our Vets put their lives on the line, coming back home they are all but
forgotten...they are left sick and breaks my heart to see
them standing on the street corner having to literally beg for help!

Whatever happened to the plea given by Abraham Lincoln in his famous
Gettysburg Address: Government OF the people...BY the people and FOR the

It's not to be Government for corporations...big business or special
interest groups...our forefathers designed it to be a democracy OF, FOR and
BY the people.

It's time for the People to take their Government back...that's the message
of Revolution.

We're telling the what WE what WE voted you in
to do or, you're out the door!


Vanessa Allen
Vanessa Allen

Very powerful.
· May 14 @ 10:28am