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Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 July 2017 11:59pm

Moonbeat Productions

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Location & Contact Info

Country: United States
State / Province: New York


About: Moonbeat Productions
Lorenzo Gavinelli,born in Free Territory of Trieste,sound engeneer,Computer Programmer,Drummer and Producer.

David Sion, born in Australia(Adelaide),Composer,Lyricist,Guitarist,Singer and Producer together form Moonbeat Productions.

Alessandro Sartore born in Venice: multi experienced Sound engineer, Musician, Photographer, now collaborating for Moonbeat Productions!

Cristiano Stern,now living in San Paulo,Brazil collaborates with Moonbeat Production especially with latin and Rock music.

They have worked with artists like: Afrika Bambaataa,Arcana, Jovanotti, Ron, Graziani, Sabrina Salerno, Mike Francis, Albertino,Claudio Simonetti, Rhapsody, Fuel From Hell, Shannon, Modo, De Oya,Gaia,ecc.

Welcome to the world of MOONBEAT.

We are proud to give listeners a wide range of different musical experiences achieved throughout the years.We have a different vision of where this
chaotic and arrogant world is leading us to and therefore would like to build uncontaminated bridges of spiritual creativity.

The world is turning into a giant warship and music seems to be one of the most powerful means to fight racism and bring multi ethnical peoples closer.

To do this MOONBEAT were strongly motivated by the connection between earth and cosmos to send out a positive and therapeutical vibe to humans and non humans.

All this has no sense if us terrestrials are not in peace with our souls.