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Last Updated on Tuesday, 10 January 2017 3:25am

Reaper's Riddle

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Dying Breed Play Buy The End Is Nigh
Last Breath Play Buy The End Is Nigh
Rise Of The Macchina Play Buy The End Is Nigh
War On Indulgence Play Buy The End Is Nigh
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Location & Contact Info

Country: Australia
State / Province: Western Australia
City: Perth


About: Reaper's Riddle
For five years, Reaper's Riddle have built a solid reputation as one of Perth's most dynamic and hard-working heavy music acts. Exploding onto the scene in 2009 with their self-titled LP demo, the band's record-breaking debut launch resulted in a packed-out venue being completely sold out of alcohol by 11pm. This highly successful event left an indelible impression on the local rock/metal scene and captured the attention of key music industry figures, including Adam Weston (Birds Of Tokyo) who released the 'Reaper's Riddle demo' through his Firestarter Distribution label.

Whilst pleased with this development, the band declined opportunities to promote the demo more widely. Knowing they could produce a superior record with higher production quality, Reapers returned to the studio and in 2011 emerged with the internationally-acclaimed 'A Touch Of Death EP', produced by Rob Agostini of 'Soundbaker Studios'. Widely praised for its catchy hooks, diverse range and potent delivery, A Touch Of Death was unleashed at Perth's Amplifier Bar to a swarm of rabid fans and has since received rave reviews and radio play at home and across the globe.

A few line-up changes later, with a slew of regional tours, several interstate and international support slots (including The Getaway Plan [Melbourne, Vic], and The Misfits [US]), charity and community events, and years of constant local gigging now under their belts, Reaper's Riddle have cut their teeth and honed their craft across Perth's city stages and WA's country pubs. Renowned for their theatrical, high-energy performances, the band continues to raise the bar on the intensity and creativity of their stage-show and overall aesthetic.

In August 2013, the new single 'Drop' was successfully launched, along with the premier of band's debut music-video, produced by Perth-based ZenCo. Productions. The result was a total-package of sensory rapture: hard-rocking tunes, high-voltage performances and now the spectacular visual/multimedia dimension of Reaper's Riddle finally coming to life. The single and its accompanying film-clip showcase a refined Reaper of immaculate execution with increasingly solid direction and intense focus. Acting as something of a prequel to the highly-anticipated concept album 'The Ballad Of Tristan Daye' (expected for release in mid-2015), Drop is the latest example of the band's unique yet familiar, and highly memorable, style and sound.

With the growing awareness of the latest 'Game Over EP', a growing base of loyal fans and supporters worldwide, be ready as Reaper's Riddle prepare to let loose their entertaining and dramatic live show on the rest of Australia and the world!!