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Last Updated on Saturday, 24 October 2015 11:55pm

Rocktropolis (R) Announce Its Next Album Line Up
Rocktropolis (R) Is Pleased To Announce Its Next Album Line Up Featuring special guest John Macaluso ! His recording & touring list includes: Official Yngwie Malmsteen, Symphony X, ARK, TNT, James Labrie ( Dream Theater), Riot, Jennifer Batten ( Michael Jackson), Ron " Bumblefoot" Thal ( Guns And Roses), KRS1, Union Radio, Joe Lynn Turner Official Page, Uli Jon Roth, George Lynch Fan Page, Felicia Collins ( David Letterman Show), Starbreaker, Dee Snider, Danny Miranda (‪#‎Queenâ...
October 24 @ 11:59pm

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1. In This Life.sng Play Buy Rocktropolis
2. Order Out Of Chaos.sng Play Buy Rocktropolis
3. Epic Storm.sng Play Buy Rocktropolis
4. What Time Has Changed.sng Play Buy Rocktropolis
5. Locked Door (spacey).sng Play Buy Rocktropolis

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Country: United States
State / Province: Michigan


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About: Rocktropolis
New York born drummer John Macaluso has recorded over 200 albums and toured worldwide as a session drummer, recording artist, teacher, clinician and producer. He has 4 GOLD albums to his credit. John has played for some of the world's top artists in many different genres of music. His recording and touring list includes: Yngwie Malmsteen, Symphony X, ARK, TNT, James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Riot, Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guns and Roses), KRS-1, Union Radio, Joe Lynn Turner, Uli Jon Roth, George Lynch, Pete Steel, Felicia Collins (David Letterman Show), Starbreaker, Dee Snider, Powermad, Spread Eagle, Danny Miranda (Queen), The Good Rats, Randy Coven, Alex Masi, Vitalij Kuprij, Chris Caffery (Trans Siberian Orchestra), Bobby Hambel (Biohazard), Tony Bongiovi, Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Danny Spitz (Anthrax), MCM, Metal Mike (Rob Halford), Dave Eggar (Evenescence) and more. John has also recorded multiple movie soundtracks including David Lynch's "Wild At Heart" Movie starring Nicholas Cage and Laura Dern. John had a cameo appearance in the film as well as recording the soundtrack with band Powermad. The film won 1st place at the Cannes Film Festival in France in 1989. Other films include "Dad" Starring Jack Lemmon, "The Beatle Fan" and more. John lives in Italy now and tours worldwide doing concerts and clinics. He has released a drum book titled "Repercussions" and is about to release his second book "Drumming Linear". John has been featured in Modern Drummer Magazine multiple times and has also been a writer for the magazine. John is a graduate of Musician's Institue P.I.T. California. He has studied privately with Joe Franco, Ralph Humphrey, Dom Famularo, Rod Morganstein, Casey Scherelle, Joe Porcaro, Tommy Aldridge, Jim Holland, Jim Chapin, Steve Houghton, Efrin Toro and Chuck Silverman. John is also a song writer and has written, recorded, produced and released a solo album titled John Macaluso & Union Radio "The Radio Waves Goodbye". The record features James LaBrie, singer of Dream Theater and Mike DiMeo singer of Riot on Vocals as well as many more well know players. The album was released on Lion Records. He has also written, recorded and co-produced the cridically aclaimed album from ARK "Burn The Sun", released on Steve Vai's Favored Nations label and Inside Out Records. John Macaluso endorses Evans Drum Heads, Pro Mark Drum Sticks, Paiste Cymbals and Mark Drum Electric Drums. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” was born July 15, 1984, In Bay City Mi. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” came from a family who shared a deep love for music and many of Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” family members are highly gifted musicians. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” was introduced to music and musical instruments at a very early age. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” was exposed to many different styles of music ranging from Classical, Ethnic (traditional and contemporary Greek, Polish, Russian, Spanish), Pop, and of course, the many different types of Rock. Because of this exposure by people with intense love for music, Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” love for music grew exponentially. When Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” was 11 years old, his dad gifted Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” with his first guitar. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” has been playing for about 18 years. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” started to really take off with his playing after age 13. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” life, from 13 years old and on, was everyday to make music or be with the greatest musicians in his area. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” father Sam Metropoulos (bass/keys for ROCKTROPOLIS), played a huge part in Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” early years. Sam kept Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” very busy playing and sharpening his skills on the fretboard. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” had a tight group of friends that had a similar mind set, one of which was his best friend growing up. He was heavily influenced by Rock, Jazz and Blues. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” really learned a lot from him as he helped open a new door which expanded Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” ability. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” chops are due to all the years of practice. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” would easily spend 8 hours a day while I was a teenager and young adult writing, playing and improving with or without other musicians. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” owe a big thanks to his father Sam Metropoulos for having such a big part in jump starting his musical carrier. One of Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” most memorable moments was with John Macaluso (former drummer for Yngwie Malmsteen). He has always been a big inspiration to Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis”. Another close friend of Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” is Gabe Gonzalez (George Clinton P-Funk All Stars). David Asher (The Process) has always been a tight friend of Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” growing up and he will guest appear on our upcoming ROCKTROPOLIS album 3113.The list of players Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” has played with can never be too big. There's a lot more players Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” would love to work with. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” said “it has been very special to have the experiences and friends I’ve made so far. I really am looking forward to what the future may bring for me.” In 2013 was Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” first time for a nomination in the Detroit Music Awards. Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” ended up with 3 nominations in all. It was very flattering to know that Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” had that much support from such a strong music community. When Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” was learning music Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” never really learned how to play his favorite guitarist's style or favorite band's music. When Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” knew enough to play, Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” would let feelings take it away and start to hone feelings and techniques to create something magical. Music isn’t about being the best or being the greatest. It’s about being YOUR best, YOUR greatest, by being the best that YOU can be. No Competition...we all just do what we do said Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis”. Some of the gear Pete Metropoulos “Rocktropolis” use for live performances: Yamaha and Parker guitars, Engl 530 tube preamp, CryBaby DCR-2SR rack wah, Alesis Quadraverb Digital Effects Processor, BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer, Crate SPA-200 power amp, and Fender Stereo Ready 4X12 cabs. ROCKTROPOLIS is represented by Howard Hertz/Joseph Bellanca (Hertz Schram, p.c.) Mr. Hertz’s impressive roster includes George Clinton, Sippie Wallace, The Romantics, The Bass Brothers, Eminem, Marilyn Manson, Russell Simmons, O-Town, Pantera, Marcus Belgrave, The GO, Mike Posner, Elmore Leonard, Warner Tamerlane and Atlantic Records. Bio