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Environment News
  Faint Glow, Clear Signal from Plants
As scientists detect plant fluorescence in better detail, they inch closer to helping farm...(View More)
  Stay Hydrated: It’s Going to Be a Long, Hot July for Much of U.S.
Heat indices will make it feel like 100+ degrees across most of the South for the next wee...(View More)
  COVID and Pollution
A team of Carnegie Mellon researchers found that Pittsburgh’s air pollution levels decre...(View More)
  Sulphur Dioxide Concentrations Drop Over India During COVID-19
Concentrations of sulphur dioxide in polluted areas in India have decreased by around 40% ...(View More)
  Giant A-68 Iceberg Three Years On
The colossus iceberg that split from Antarctica’s Larsen C ice shelf on 12 July 2017 is ...(View More)
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