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Environment News
  Researchers Confirm Scale Matters in Determining Vulnerability of Freshwater Fish to Climate Changes
The silver chub isn’t considered sensitive to climate change on a national scale, but co...(View More)
  How Heatwaves Are Affecting Arctic Phytoplankton
The basis of the marine food web in the Arctic, the phytoplankton, responds to heatwaves m...(View More)
  Copper Can’t Be Mined Fast Enough to Electrify the US
Copper cannot be mined quickly enough to keep up with current U.S. policy guidelines to tr...(View More)
  Change Likely to Aggravate Brain Conditions
Climate change, and its effects on weather patterns and adverse weather events, is likely ...(View More)
  Climate Change Is Most Prominent Threat to Pollinators
A paper published in the CABI Reviews journal has found that climate change is the most pr...(View More)
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