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This is a fanpage for Twine.

What is Twine?

Twine is an extremely easy-to-use program that allows anyone to quickly create a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style game in minutes, no programming needed.

It has two great features that distinguishes it from other Interactive Fiction programs and scripting languages.

a) Because it is free and extremely user-friendly. Its graphical interface makes planning and editing effortless. There are no commercial restrictions either - you can distribute freely or even try to make money off any games you make with it.

b) Yes, it can be used to make complex and exciting graphically-and-sound-enabled games with macros. Even then however, its great strength is that it builds and outputs all games as a single html file. No need for the reader to install anything. Playable anywhere, be it on a PC or mobile device.

Check out the output of the game mentioned above here.

I really like Twine not just for making games, but as a teaching tool. After all, isn't a CYOA choice little different from a quiz game?

Twine games can allow teacher to better illustrate cause and effect, make interactive quizzes that give hints if the player doesn't get the wrong answer. Simple variables track the number of correct answers answers and with a little math grades them correctly. Interactive presentations? Sure. Method checklists? Done. Dating and relationship sims? That's possible too.

Twine games run on plain html, so if you delve a bit deeper inserting images and sound effects is an easy task.

You can get it here:


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Keep an eye on this page. Smile Later we'll have tutorials on making different types of games with Twine, and also recommendations of some of the best Twine games out there.