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Small Cap Investors Club

Consulting/Business Services



The Opportunity

YSL Enterprises Pty Ltd is the trustee for unit trust ventures focused on  assisting small investors invest in innovative high yield ventures.

YSL Enterprises’ qualified advisors make recommendations only after examining a potential investment’s financial details, reviewing the scope and intent of the venture and interviewing the leading stakeholders  in the project. Once a project has met with advisor approval it is passed to the company’s principal for reexamination and if successful will then be offered exclusively to  Small Cap Investors Club members.

YSL Enterprises advisors include financial advisors, accountants and entrepreneurs all with proven investment and operating experiance, as such you can be assured of the independent and impartial recommendations made to Small Cap Investor Club members.

Our Mission Statement

Small Cap investors Club seeks to secure a diverse portfolio of investments to provide investors with long term balanced growth in high yield Australian based Enterprises.

How Does it work?

YSL Enterprises Pty Ltd is the Trustee for Small Cap Investors Venture One.

Self managed Super Funds and private investors invest into the various unit trusts, who in turn invest in high yeild third party ventures .

You’re Invited!

YSL Enterprises Pty Ltd invites individual, and corporate investors including public and private superannuation funds to make contact and seek additional information on how to invest.

YSL Enterprises Pty Ltd  is currently seeking expressions from investors for Small Cap Investors Venture One.


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