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NewTribeZ Developer

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NewTribeZ Developer
Currently, NewtribeZ has been supported fully for share video from the website video Dailymotion.

Have a nice day!
Dev Team
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Greg Gibson is online.
Congratulations on a great addition and thank you Mr. Dave Rivers for the suggestion
Dave Parsons Rivers
Cheers Greg and Dev Team for quick action on this will go and use it.
NewTribeZ Developer
You may don't known.

We have an app with the name: Light a Candle.

Lighting candles has long been a sacred ritual in all traditions, creating precious moments in our own and other people's lives.

NewTribeZ Developer
Internet TV (TV app) has been updated!
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We added and updated many channels on it. So, in order to improve the quality of the TV app, we encourage members to introd...
Greg Gibson is online.
ntzpm ... testing the new ability to post emoticons in a status update
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Greg Gibson is online.
This new additional feature will soon to be released to all members
NewTribeZ Developer
We are experimenting representative images in circular form...
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Richard Allen
I'm glad I'm no longer "square"!
Greg Gibson is online.
Cheers Richard
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