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ߎ Hip-Hop Fan Reacts To Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody İߎ


ߎ Watch me react to Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody հߎ
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Carlo Marco
I've just been at youtube and what the heck is up with 2018 and a lot of black dudes discovering Queen and the glory that is Freddy Mercury for the first time? It's so weird and strange and more than a bit heartening too.

I thought Queen was mainstream. (Though admittedly 70s and 80s since Freddy die...
Greg Gibson
I too find it amazing that so many young people have not heard or listened to "Queen" but then I grew up with "Queen" as a main stay in music.
Carlo Marco
Everybody knows the hits. So many hits. Like who hasn't heard We Are The Champions so much they might be sick of it now? But not where the songs came from. So weird.

I know a lot of people might think "We Are The Champions" is an 80s song instead of a 70s one. I personally first heard it from the mov...
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