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Category: Pets & Animals

Medication For Dog Anxiety - Anxiety Medications for Dogs. If your dog develops a serious anxiety disorder, your veterinarian may recommend medications or natural therapies. Medication isn't a cure for separation anxiety — there is no “magic pill” that will take your dog's stress away. Instead, prescription drugs are a tool that can help can help with your dog's anxiety. Initially, the dog may benefit from the administration of medication such as clomipramine or fluoxetine administered concurrently with behavior issues. Used properly, a daily medication for dog anxiety like Prozac can help your anxious or reactive dog in three ways. First, you should notice that your dog is slowly reducing its anxiety. Because the Thundershirt won't cause any side effects and is one of the safest possible treatments for anxiety, it is often an ideal place to start for treating many types of dog anxiety. Veterinarians can prescribe medications to treat your dog's anxiety, which will largely fall into the categories of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. When treating a dog with separation anxiety, the goal is to resolve the dog's underlying anxiety by teaching him to enjoy, or at least tolerate, being left alone. If your dog is suffering from anxiety, you can try to distract them or help remove them from the situation. Giving your dog a treat or toy, asking them to relax is not as good as a calming dog treat. This is why Medication For Dog Anxiety can be very helpful. dog anxiety medication side effects how to calm an anxious dog dog anxiety medication benadryl dog anxiety symptoms dog calming pills review dog anxiety medication natural how to calm a dog panic attack medication to calm a hyper dog dog anxiety medication trazodone dog anxiety medication over the counter